Red Lobster


In July 2011 I was hired to help grow the digital and social business of Red Lobster. From having virtually no social presence, I was able (with copywriter Emily Goldenberg) to grow their engagement rates to over 1000%.


Social Case Study Video
A digital case study featuring many of the initiatives that were created for the brand.


Cheddar Bay Biscuit Prank
Over the course of two years we did some fun work, like this April Fool's Day prank where we threatened to take away the beloved Cheddar Bay Biscuits and replace them with sliced white bread. In retrospect, we probably should have told the managers of each location we were doing it, as we heard people were furious about the news.

I hope the MBA who came up with this cost-saving idea can find a new job when market share dives.
— Robert, disgruntled Red Lobster customer
No way, that’s trailer trash bread!
— Veronika, a connoisseur of fine biscuits

Lobsterfest Integrated Promotion
While I am very proud at how well we were able to integrate digital and social into this promotion, I think the lobster bib t-shirt is the highlight of my design career thus far.


Art Direction, Concept, & Design
Copywriter: Emily Goldenberg
Creative Directors: Ron Castillo (Executive Creative Director), Jan Egan (Executive Creative Director), Justin Levine, and Jon Sayegh
Agency: Grey New York