Day Seven / Kaua'i


It was a rainy day on the Garden Isle. That allowed us to have a relaxing day full of food and naps. While that doesn't provide a lot to read about here, it gives me space to inform you of the various odds and ends of the trip we have experienced this week.  

 On some path.  

On some path.  

The St. Regis 

For such a high-end hotel the food is terrible—and insanely expensive. The first morning we went to the terrace restaurant for the buffet breakfast, which we were told by our travel agent was included, and we were bowled over by the price: $140. We went to the front desk to ensure it was indeed included in our rate only to find that—joke's on us!—the travel agent messed up and it was not. The travel agent said they would cover the mistake. We avoided that breakfast buffet for the rest of our trip. 

The hotel is valet only, meaning you have to have someone both park and pick up your car for you every time you get in or out. That adds up to a lot of tips. However, on the very first day, I gave the valet/bellman a twenty-dollar bill in my dazed state. That turned out to be both incredibly generous, as well as fortuitous since our keys were always on the top of the pile whenever we came out to get our car. 


Our car didn't come with a USB port, which meant that we couldn't play our own music and had to rely on the local radio stations. If there is one thing we learned it is that Kaua'i loves reggae and ZZ Top's "Legs." Every time we turned on the radio station it was either a reggae version of a popular song (replaced with Hawaiian lyrics) or "Legs."  

 Sunset over Mount Makuna.  

Sunset over Mount Makuna.  

The Roads

There is essentially only one road to get you anywhere you want to go on Kaua'i: Highway 56. There is rarely any traffic and the views along the way are stunning. It hugs the coastline and has amazing mountain views. The speed limit tops at fifty miles per hour, however, and there is only one lane each way. The goings can be slow. A twenty mile trip can easily take an hour. The reason for the one main road is Kaua'i's climate; they tried to build other roads through the mountains but were constantly halted by avalanches caused by precipitation. As long as you factor in the timing, and have "Legs" cranking, your drive will be enjoyable.  

The Roosters 

Roosters are literally everywhere. They are outside your bedroom window, on the roads, in the restaurants, and haunting your dreams. There are many reasons for this, but the main one seems to be that there are no mongooses—who eat the eggs of ground-nesting birds, such as chickens—on Kaua'i . This results in a high birth rate of chickens. It is also illegal to kill the chickens on Kaua'i so the chicken/rooster issue is never-ending. 

 Dinner at Postcard Cafe in Hanalei.  

Dinner at Postcard Cafe in Hanalei.  

Tomorrow we are off to O'ahu for a quick trip to Pearl Harbor before we go to Maui for the last leg of our trip. Until then, aloha!



Matthew DeCoste