Day Six / Kaua'i


Today started with a "presentation" of a timeshare over at the Westin, two miles away from our hotel, and also a Starwood property. When we're booking our excursions earlier in the week, the vacation agent told us that sitting through this for ninety minutes was an easy way to get ten thousand Starwood points. It was also an easy way to get guilt-tripped into not forking over sixty-two thousand dollars on the spot for a property you have no real ownership of.

After repeatedly turning down a fabulous destination for all of you to come and stay with us at, we went back to our recently upgraded room that has a lanai (patio) overlooking the beach, mountains, and pool. We lounged on the beach chairs until the sun started its descent west and our umbrellas provided no more shade. Down at the pool, we found a spot with ample cover and a good view for people watching. 


Across the pool from us was a group of people around our age consisting of men with several tattoos, and beautiful women. I posited that it must be a band on tour, relaxing between shows; Sarah disagreed. She correctly placed one of the women: Audrina Patridge from the MTV show, "The Hills." It turns out that she and her husband, BMX rider Corey Boham, were married the day before at the hotel in an "intimate ceremony" of a hundred or so people. They seemed genuinely happy, and we wish them all the best. 


After a beautiful sunset, enjoyed from our lanai, we got back in the Jeep and went to Hanalei for a sushi dinner at The Dolphin, a restaurant that had come recommended by several people. There are only so many restaurants in the area so it was no surprise that this one had a long wait. I did a double-take when I saw a man with a very long white beard walk by. I told Sarah that it looks like the famous hip hop producer and record label executive Rick Rubin. We fired up Google for confirmation. It sure was him; this was a great celebrity sighting for me—even for New York standards. This was the man that started Def Jam records in his NYU dorm room with Russell Simmons; put Run DMC together with Aerosmith on "Walk This Way"; produced the Beastie Boys; and reimagined Nine Inch Nails's "Hurt" with Johnny Cash, among many other notable things. The fact that he sat on a nearby bench, with his beautiful wife, holding a buzzer was even more endearing. The food at The Dolphin was really good, by the way. 

Our evening ended back on the lanai, sipping wine and watching the waves crash into Hanalei Bay by moonlight. There is only a week left of our honeymoon. Woe is us. 

Anyway, aloha! 

Matthew DeCoste